Face Whip 3oz

Face Whip 3oz

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Tallow Face Whip is the first release in our upcoming face skincare line. Unlike the rest of our whips, this balm is uniquely made with hemp seed oil that scores one of the best ratings on the noncomedogenic list. Packed with vitamin C, E and essential fatty acids. Frankincense oil to help blemishes, prevent wrinkles, and lift/tighten skin. Vetiver oil to promote skin cell regeneration and boosting the growth of new cells

Scent Profilesoft, balsamic sweet frankincense fluff

Size: 3oz

To Use: Apply a pea sized amount to your finger tip. Massage into your hands and apply to desired area. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way! You will feel the tallow balm instantly melt into your skin. Store in a room temp or cool room. Tallow is an oil product and will melt if heated. If it liquifies no worries! Just pop it in the fridge and it will be good as new.

Ingredients: Grass Fed/Finished Beef Tallow (no hormones or antibiotics), Hemp Seed Oil, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Frankincense, Vetiver).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very disappointed

Honestly I was really excited to receive my product. After pretty much almost a month of waiting + no updates on the shipment—I reached out to the seller. She informed me that for “whatever reason my shipment was not coming with a tracking number” (entirely not my doing even though the seller made me feel like it was my fault), and that if it had not arrived by the end of the week to reach out to her again. Well it did not, and upon reaching out to her again I was totally ignored (literally I can see the message was read). Total waste of $51.00. I’m very sad and extremely disappointed.

Jenessa Wait
Amazing product!

Highly recommend this product. It works SO great on my skin!!! It's such a great gift idea too.

I look forward to my evening skincare routine!

Really happy with this face tallow whip! It’s incredibly soft, absorbs nicely, has a subtle scent, and my skin feels great after using it. Five stars! :)

Jen Fonger

I love this product. It feels great on, very nourishing, smells divine and no concerns about its ingredients. 100% recommended!

Christine Pailer
This stuff is phenomenal!

I was using the Genesis Tallow basic whips before this was created. Now I’ve used this for about two weeks and every time I touch my face it’s sooo smooth and nourished it doesn’t even feel like my face at first touch!! This combination is heaven for facial skin.