Genesis ...in the beginning


We are all born naked and covered in precious skin of all colours. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and anything we place on our pores will absorb directly into our blood stream and then on to all off our brain, heart and body functions. Our skin is how we connect to one another. It is how we dearly love one another! It’s what holds us all together. Of any single thing you will place on your beloved skin, consider Genesis Tallow.

Why you ask? It is one of the most bio-identical to the human skin cells of any healing balm that the earth has given us. The fatty acid balance of tallow is just like ours! That is why our skin rapidly absorbs it deeply through ALL the layers of the skin immediately.

What the heck is tallow anyway?

Tallow is rendered cow suet or fat. Especially the mineral and vitamin rich fat found around the kidneys and liver. Although it is completely edible, it is also one of the most wasted part of the animal. Genesis recycles this waste and plays a role in advancing the conversation of sustainable consciousness that all health products need to share moving forward. Unlike most tallows our cows are grass fed and more importantly grass finished to ensure zero compromise in the purity of this organic compound. They are even fed bull kelp from the ocean like the bougie sushi coastal cows they are! Me, moo, moi! This translates into balanced micro biomes in all four of their stomachs and a cleaner tallow.

“Zero toxins, zero hormones, zero volatile chemicals.”

Are you or someone you love struggling with:
Rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dry or cracked skin, unwanted callouses or any other skin sensitivity? Or maybe you’re just looking for a good ol’ miracle moisturizer for daily use on the face and body!

Why would you use some lab grown toxic synthetic to plug your precious pores with plastics? Especially when the earth has given us all the oils our skin needs to live and thrive vibrantly. At a time in history when touching other beings is rare and sacred. Maybe, it’s time to care for others as you would have them care for you, and cherish the skin we are in.