Healthy Pad Thai Recipe With Brown Rice Noodles

Asian food is one of my absolute favorites. I lived in Thailand for a season and Pad Thai was always readily available for a whoppin $2! Rice and rice noodles were eaten at almost every meal. You can image how tiring this became. I was just a tad traumatized lol. I don’t think I ate rice for a whole year after my time there.

As much as I love eating asian food sometimes in North America it has a reputation for being pretty greasy and has questionable ingredient quality. I decided to do some investigating and with a little trial and error I came up with the BEST Pad Thai. (Tastes like the real deal!). Only clean organic ingredients used in this recipe.

The key to making Pad Thai healthier is to simply make some ingredient swaps:

Noodles- Instead of the classic white pad Thai noodles I substituted it for a brown rice noodle that has a lot more nutritional value.


Sugar- I ditched the white sugar and brought in the coconut sugar. You can also use honey, or maple syrup.

Sauce- Most soy sauce contains gluten. Instead, I used soy aminos. You could also go for gf soy sauce of coconut aminos.

Veggies- Buying organic veggies is going to optimize its nutrient density. I doubled the amount for normal pad thai to add more nutritional value.

Protein- quality over quantity my friends. It is far better to use organic free range eggs and organic chicken with no added hormones!