Caesar Dressing (Dairy Free)

Confession time! I used to be ADDICTED to Caesar salads! I would eat them religiously every week because I though it was the healthier choice. The truth is they are loaded with calories and fat. Store bought dressing can have up to 100 calories in just 1 tbsp with little to no nutritional value. And then the croutons, bacon bits and extra dressing and cheese to top it off.. it’s clear that this is a less nutritional option. 

Vegan caesar salad

I had once heard someone say McDonalds Caesar salads were more unhealthy than their Big Macs. I decided to do some research and to my discovery it was worse than that. They are more unhealthy than their DOUBLE Big Macs! This is a perfect example of how just because something has the word “salad” or “green” in it, doesn’t mean it is healthy or the healthier option. Always read your labels and investigate what you’re actually consuming.

mcdonalds salad vs big bac

Since cutting more dairy out of my diet, I was pretty sad to see how much junk was in the dairy free dressings at my local health food store. I decided to to create a healthier dressing with real whole ingredients. This recipe has become one of my faves! So creamy and “cheesy” I swear it tastes like the real thing. You cant have caesar salad without croutons.. so I made my own using spelt bread, olive oil and fresh spices! (recipe to come soon)